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Tuesday, February 19, 2013
This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use only, using it for monetary gain is against our TOU's.

Gimp or program of choice
FTU kit Manto from Tasha's Playground
Template 136 from me HERE
Mask- from Vix PSP (the first one)
Fonts- Dazzaling Diva, Bank Gothic & Euphoria Script

-Open template. Image>Scale Image 450x202 px. Image>Canvas Size 600x600 px and click center.
-Let's add papers to the template layers. Make the template layer active (see below). Right click template layer in layer box and choose alpha to selection. Open paper (see below). Right click paper layer in layer box and choose add alpha channel. Select>Invert. Press delete on your keyboard. Select>None. Filters>Light & Shadow>Drop Shadow 3,3,5, black, 80. Delete the original template layer. Here are the template layers and which papers I used:
3- paper 2
5- paper 7
6- paper 1
7- paper 4
8- paper 3
9- paper 6
-Make layer 4 active. Colors>Colorize. Hue: 180, Saturation: 0, Lightness: -80. Repeat drop shadow.
-Make layer 2 active. Alpha to selection. Layer>New Layer. Change foreground color to 423737. Change background color to black. Select the blend tool. Tool settings: Gradient: FG TO BG (RGB), Shape: Bi-Linear. Click the top of the selection with mouse and drag down to the bottom of the selection. Open tube. Place tube in the selection. I duplicated my tube twice (Layer>DuplicateLayer) and put one in the 4th box and the other one in the middle boxes. Make the top tube layer active. Layer>Merge Down until all your tube layers are one one layer. Invert & delete. Add new layer. Select the bucket fill tool and fill layer (should be gray color used eariler). Invert. Select>Shrink 2. Delete. Select none. Filters>Noise>RGB Noise on default. Repeat drop shadow. Make the tube layer active. Colorize- Hue: 180, Saturation: 0, Lightness: -20. Change the mode to soft light.

-Open tube. Make the top layer. Layer>Scale Layer 80%. Place in the center of tag. Repeat drop shadow. Duplicate. Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur on default. Change the mode to soft light and lower the opacity to 75.

-Open frame 2. Make the bottom layer. Scale 65%. Place in the center of tag. Select the magic wand. Click inside frame. Grow 5. Open paper 4. Move paper layer frame layer in layer box. Add alpha channel. Invert & delete. Select none. Repeat drop shadow on frame.

-Open frame 1. Make the bottom layer. Scale 70%. Select the rotate tool and click canvas. In the angle box put 90. Place in center of tag. Add paper 7 to this frame (repeat above). Repeat drop shadow on the frame.

city scape
car (flip)
key tag
flair 2

-Open paper 6. Make the bottom layer. Apply mask. Click HERE to learn how to use masks in gimp.

-Make the to layer active. Select the text tool. Font: Dazzling Diva, Size: 50, foreground color 423737. Click canvas and type 'my swag is'. Place text to the left side of tag. Alpha to selection. Grow 1. Layer>New Layer. Move new layer below text layer. Bucket fill with white. Select none. Repeat drop shadow.

-Still using the text tool, change font to bank gothic and foreground to black. Type 'flawless'. Place this text beneath the other text. Alpha to selection. New layer. Move below current text layer. Grow 1. Bucket fill selection with white. Grow 1. New layer. Move below current layer. Bucket fill with black. Select none.Repeat drop shadow. Make the top 'flawless' layer active and merge all these layers together (there should be 4).

-Add name with Euphria Script font. Add copyright and you're done!


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