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Tuesday, January 4, 2011
Here's a fun FTU tut from Amy called Pour me a Double
I used a great FTU kit called Corona Lime from my girl FourX's @ Bad Girls Club Designs HERE
This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use only, using it for monetary gain is against our TOU's. Supplies Needed: ~Gimp (any version will do). ~Corona Lime FTU scrapkit which you can get from Bad Girls Club Design HERE. ~Tubes of choice. I used the super HOT art of Robert Alvarado, you must have a license to use his art which you can get HERE. ~Template of choice. I used Tude 1 template which you can get at Sapphy'z Demented Hallucinationz HERE ~Mask of choice. I used WSL mask 363 which you can get HERE. ~Font of choice. I used QT Brush Strokes. Let's get started!!! 1. Open a new layer ( I prefer a large canvas, so I make mine 1050x656). Make your canvas transparent (Layer > Transparency > Color to Alpha). 2. Open template in PSD format, move layers of template around until they are the way you like them. ~Add paper from scrapkit to individual layers of the template (Right click on template layer in layer box > Alpha to Selection > CTRL I > Select paper layer in layer box > Delete). These are the papers I used: Beer Paper Beer Bottles Paper Lemon Squirt Paper Lime Squirt Paper ~I added noise to some of the template layers to make them look glittery (Filters > Noise > RGB Noise). ~I colorized some of the template layers to better match the scrapkit (Colors > Colorize > play with the setting until you get the desired color). ~Add drop shadow to template layers (Filters > Light & Shadow > Drop Shadow). 3. Open tubes, I used both a full body and close up. I lowered the opacity of the close up to 40 (at the top of the layer box you will see a bar you can slide to change the opacity of the selected layer). Add drop shadow to the full body tube. 4. Open and place the following elements: Bottle Opener Lemon Wedge Lime Wedge XXX Beer Bottle Empty (x2) XXX Beer Bottle (x3) Beer Bottles Beer Box Lemon Bottlecap Lime Bottlecap MexiBeer Bottlecap (x2) Palm Tree Palm Tree 2 ~Some of the elements may need to be sized down. Using your scale tool in your tool box adjust the pixel size until element is the correct size~ ~Add drop shadow to all elements~ 5. Open Yellow/Green Striped Paper 6. Open mask 7. Add mask to paper (click HERE for a tut on using masks) 8. Merge Layers (Image > Merge Visible Layers). 9. Crop Image (Image > Autocrop Image). 10. Scale image to desired size (Image > Scale Image). 11. Add copyright info and name 12. Save as .png ALL DONE!!!!!!!!!!


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