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Thursday, April 4, 2013

This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use only, using it for monetary gain is against our TOU's.
Gimp or program of choice
Tube of choice. I am using the art of Robert Alvadrado. You must have a license to use these tubes. I'm pretty sure he doesn't sell anymore, so no site to link where you can buy tubes, but you can check out his website HERE.
Fonts- Capture It & Housegrind
-File>New 600x600 px.
-This next part you can pick any colors you wish. I am using 5 different colors from my tube. You can use as many colors as you want. So, select your rectangle select tool and make a small rectangular selection on the left side your canvas.
-Layer>New Layer. Change your foreground to color of choice. I am using f4a82d. Select the bucket fill tool and fill selection.
-Add new layer and bucket fill selection with color of choice. I am using f32d43. Repeat until you have new layers of all your colors. Here are the rest of the colors I used:
-Select>None. Select the move tool and move the color layer beside each other.
-Right click one of the layers in the layer box. Choose Merge Visible Layers. Layer>Duplicate Layer. Move over to fill the empty space. You may need to duplicate more than once to fill the empty space.
-Merge visible layers. Now you should only have 1 layer. Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur 50.0. Name this layer colorful.
-Duplicate layer. Name this layer blinds 1. Filters>Distorts>Blinds.
Lower the opacity to 35. Filters>Noise>RGB Noise on default settings. Filters>Enhance>Unsharp Mask on default settings. Duplicate layer. Name this layer blinds 2. Select the rotate tool and click canvas. In the angle box put 90. Move layer to the right side of tag.
-Duplicate blinds 2. Move to the middle. Duplicate again and move to the left side of tag.
-Open tube close up. Place in the center of canvas. Duplicate and place to the left side of canvas. Duplicate. Select the flip tool and click canvas to flip the tube. Place on the right side. Repeat until you can't see any color.
-Merge all the tube layers together. Name this layer tubes 1. Change the mode of this layer to screen. Duplicate layer. Name this layer tubes 2. Lower the opacity to 35.
-Open tube. Make the top layer. Layer>Scale Layer 85%. Flip. Place to the right side of tag. Filters>Light & Shadow>Drop Shadow 2, 2, 5, black, 50, Uncheck allow resizing. Duplicate. Gaussian Blur 5.0. Change the mode of the duplicate tube to hard light and lower the opacity to 50.
-Make the top layer active. Select the text tool. Font: Capture It, Size: 34, Foreground Color- White. Click canvas and type 'color my world'. Place text to the lower left of tag. Make the colorful layer active and duplicate. Move it to the top of the layer box. Flip. Make the text layer active. Layer>Transparency>Alpha To Selection. Select>Invert. Make the colorful duplicate layer active. Press delete on your keyboard. Invert. Repeat noise. Add new layer. Move new layer below current active layer. Select>Grow 1. Bucket fill with white. Select none. Repeat drop shadow.
-Let's add a border. Make the top layer active. Add new layer. Rename this layer border.  Bucket fill with color of choice. I am using 17286d. Repeat noise. Alpha to selection. Select>Shrink 2. Delete. Bucket fill with color of choice. I am using white. Shrink 1. Delete. Bucket fill with color of choice. I am using f4a82d. Repeat noise.  Shrink 1 and delete. Select none.
-Add new layer. Move below border layer. Bucket fill with black. Alpha to selection. Shrink 5. Delete. Select none. Duplicate layer. Gaussian blur 10.0.
-Add name with the font Housegrind. Add your copyright also.
-On your tag, make the main tube layer and all the layers above it invisible (click on the eye next to each layer).
-Edit>Copy Visible.
-File>New 150x150 px.
-Edit>Paste As>New Layer.
-Add a border the same way you did for your banner.
-Add your name/initial using the housegrind font. Also add copyright.


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