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Monday, June 11, 2012

This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use only, using it for monetary gain is against our TOU's.
Tube of choice. I am using the art of Gina King. You must have a license to use these tubes. You can purchase them at PSP tubes Emporium.
Textures 004 and 035 from
Font- Of Wildflowers and Wings
-File>New 600x225.
-Change your foreground color to ebd561 and your background color to 7d3187. Select the blend tool. Gradient: FG TO BG (RGB), Shape: Radial, Repeat: triangular wave.
-While pressing CTRL, click bottom middle of canvas and drag 1/2 up canvas. Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur 20.0. Layer>New Layer. Add another gradient, but this time start at the left middle and drag 1/2 way. Change the mode of this layer to hue.
-Open texture 004. Move to the 2nd layer in layer box. Layer>Transparency>Add Alpha Channel. Layer>Scale Layer 75%. Change the mode to overlay.
-Open texture 035. Add alpha channel. Scale 65%. Change mode to soft light.
-Open tube. Move below both texture layers in layer box. Place to the far right. Change the mode to overlay. Layer>Layer To Image Size. Layer>Duplicate alyer. Select the flip tool and flip tube duplicate. Change the mode of the duplicate to screen.
Open tube close up. Place in middle. Mode- overlay and lower the opacity to 35.

-Make the top layer acitve. Add new layer. Change foreground to black and select the bucket fill tool. Fil canvas. Layer>Transparenct>Alpha To Selection. Select>Shrink by 6. Press delete on keyboard. Select>None. Add gaussian blur of 10.0. Change the mode to overlay.
-Lets make the border. Make the top layer active. Add new layer. Bucket fill with black. Alpha to selection. Shrink by 1. Delete. Add gradient with the purple and yellow from before. Shrink 3. Delete. Bucket fill with black. Shrink 1. Delete. Select none.
-Add name and copyright.
-Save as BANNER.XCF.
If you don't want to animated you're done!

To animate:
Make the bottom layer active. Add new layer. Select the rectangle select tool. While pressing shift, make random rectangle selections on your canvas.

-Bucket fill selections with purple from before. Select none.
-Filters>Light & Shadow>Glass Tile. Both sliders should be set at 20.  Change the mode to screen and lower the opacity to 65.
-File>Save As 1.png.
-Edit>Undo 3 times (until you have undone the glass tile).
-Filters>ReShow Glass Tile. Change both the sliders to 25. Mode: screen. Opacity: 65.
-Save as 2.png.
-Undo 3 times again. Reshow glass tile. Change both sliders to 30. Mode: screen. Opacity: 65.
-Save as 3.png.
-Close banner.

-File>Open. Open 1.png.
-File>Open As Layers. Open 2.png.
-FIle>Open As Layers. Open 3.png.
Go to Filters>Animation>Playback to see if you are happy with the animation.
-If you're happy, go to File>Save As.
-You need to save this one as a gif.

Now you're done with the banner!

-Close off the main tube layer and all layers above (click the eye next to each layer).
-Edit>Copy Visible.
-File>New 150x150 px.
-Edit>Paste As>New Layer.
-Move where you would like it withthe move tool.
-Open tube. Scale 50%. Place in middle.
-Repeat border from banner.
-Add name and copyright.


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