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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use only, using it for monetary gain is against our TOU's.
Tube of choice. I am using the art of Jaz Higgins. You must have a license to use these tubes. You can purchase this tube at PSP Tubes Emporium HERE on 2-22-12.
Texture 68 by Sirius HERE
Water brushes by Redstock HERE. Get the gimp version of brushes HERE.
Fonts- Will&Grace and Signerica Fat
Let's begin!
-File>New 600x225 pixels.
-Layer>New Layer. Name this layer gradient 1. Pick 2 colors from your tube. I set my foreground to 2d98cc and my background to c13348. Select the gradient tool. Gradient: FG TO BG (RGB). Shape: Radial. While pressing CTRL on your keyboard, click the middle of your canvas with your mouse and drag all the way to the left.
-Add new layer. Make the top layer. Name this layer gradient 2. Flip your foreground and background colors by click the arrow by the colors in your tool box. Change the shape of your gradient to Bi-Linear. While pressing CTRL, click the middle of your canvas and drag up. Changethe mode of this layer to value.
-Open texture. Name this layer texture. Make your top layer. Layer>Scale Layer 27%. Change the mode to overlay.
-Opem tube. Make the top layer. Name layer tube. Scale 50%. Place in the middle of tag. Filters>Light & Shadow>Drop Shadow 2, 2, 2, black, 50. Layer>Duplicate Layer. Filters>BLur>Gaussian Blur on default. Change mode to Hard Light and lower the opacity to 50. Merge the tube layers together by going to Layer>Merge Down.
-Add new layer. Move below the gradient 2 layer. Name layer brush 1. Set foreground color to the blue we used earlier. Select your paintbrush. Using water 15 brush, click canvas.
-Add new layer. Name brush 2. Move above brush 1 layer. Set foreground color to pink used earlier. Using water 8 brush, click canvas. Change the mode to overlay and repeat drop shadow.
-Add new layer. Name rect 1. Move below the tube layer. Select the rectangle select tool. Make a selection near the bottom of your tag. (See picture below)
Set foreground to white. Select the bucket fill tool and fill selection. Lower the opacity to 50. Select>Shrink by 5. Add new layer. Name rect 2. Add gradient using the 2 color you picked earlier. Filters>Noise>RGB Noise on default. Select>None. Add drop shadow of 1, 1, 5, black, 50.
-Select the text tool. Font: will&grace. Size: 30. Foreground: white. Type 'Under The Sea'. Place text on top of noise layer. Duplicate. Move the duplicate text to the other side of the tube. Merge text layers together. Add drop shadow of 2, 2, 2, black, 50.
-Let's add the border. Add new layer. Move tothe top. Bucket fill with white. Layer>Transparency>Alpha To Selection. Shrink by 5. Press delete on keyboard. Add new layer. Fill with gradient. Repeat noise. Shrink by 3 & delete. Add new layer. Fill with white. Shrink by 1 & delete. Select none.
-Add your name with the signerica fat font. Also add copyright.
-Save as png.
On original image, close off all layers above the texture layer (click eye next to each layer).
-Edit>Copy Visible.
-File>New 150x150 pixels.
Edit>Paste As>New Layer. Open tupbe. Make the top layer. Scale 30%. Place in middle of canvas. Repeat drop shadow. Duplicate. Repeat gaussian blur. change the mode to hard light and lower the opacity to 50.
-New layer. Move to the top. Fill with white. Alpha to selection. Shrink by 2. Delete. Add new layer. Fill with gradient. Repeat noise. Shrink by 2. Delete. Add new layer. Fill with white. Shrink by 1. Delete. Select none.
-Add name and copyright.
All finished!


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