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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
I will teach you how to use text in Gimp. I will also show you how to make an outline for your text. Supplies: Gimp- Any version should work Font- Designers Let's get started! -Open Gimp and go to File>New. Make your canvas 400x400 pixels. -Select your text tool. It is the big A in your tool box.
-Now we want to pick the color we want our text to be. You need to change your foreground color which is the top box.
I changed mine to blue. Just click the box to change the color. -Now we want to choose the text we want to use. You will be able to select your text in your tool options box.
You can also change the size of your text in this same box. I change mine to 100 for this tut. All fonts are different, so you may need to play with the size a bit till you get it the way you like it.
-Click on your canvas and you will see a little box pop up. Type your text in this box and then click close.
-Right click on your new text layer in the layer box and press leyer to image size. The next part is going to show how to add an outline to your text -Right click on your text layer in the layer box and choose alpha to selection. Your text will now be surrounded by 'marching ants'.
-Next you want to add a new layer below the text layer. To do this, click on the little folded paper icon on your layer box. To move the layer below the text layer, just click on it in the layer box and drag under the text layer.
-Now go to Select>Grow by 3 (or whatever looks best with your font). You will need to change your foreground color again. I just changed mine to a lighter shade of blue. Using your bucket fill tool, click inside the marching ants. -Go to Select>None. Now the 'marching ants' will be gone.
-If you'd like you can add a drop shadow. To do that go to Filters>Light and Shadow>Drop Shadow. I used 2, 2, 2, black, 50.
There you have it! I hope this tut has helped you out:)


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